We provide a state-of-the-art app-building platform to overcome the main barriers before SME’s. Advance your business with us, by receiving benefits such as:

1) Lowering your costs and adopting flexible payment model: A custom-built mobile application can cost thousand of Euros, besides monthly maintenance fees of several hundred Euro;

2) Getting powerful consulting and know-how: Typically companies have no spare capacity to educate themselves about digital solutions,

3) Simplifying the process and development efforts: Mobile applications develop very quickly and need software developers to continuously keep up with current trends.

Our 360 digital solution includes


Industry Solutions

We have worked with companies from various industries and provided specific
solution to boost their internal communication, processes and data analysis, such as Salesforce productivity analysis, Logistic booking and tracking service app, Digital car passport and service booking app.
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Template based apps

We have developed modular template based apps for B2B communication
between the business owner and their resellers, Order applications reservations system and many more that can be combined together to answer even the most specific need. The extensive list of modules include reservation module, push notifications module, cart module with order delivery status, feedback form module, login module etc.
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ERP, CMS and API Integrations

Our solutions can either integrate with all systems that our clients already use such as
ERP, CMS or API, or offer installing them when needed.
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Websites, E-shops & Chatbot

We don’t only develop mobile apps, we also provide complementary digital services
as Websites, online shops and chatbots to become even more effective and closer to the client.
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Key benefits


Our clients receive an assessment of their current level of digitization and a consultation on how to
optimise their processes with our solutions that will best address their business needs.
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Fast time to market

Our template-based solutions save a lot of time in product development, as does our project management process,
designed to avoid multiple iterations, ensuring a quick practical solution delivered in under 3 months.
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All In one

Our portfolio includes everything a modern SME needs: CRM, mobile app, core ERP system, API integration,
loyalty program and mobile store – all designed to work together in one well coordinated digital eco system.
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CMS and support

We have the experience and resources to meet end customers` highest expectations. Our client
activation process ensures that SMBs will maximise the use of their subscriptions by providing pre-sales consulting, guidance, initial training, technical support, account management and care.
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Our vision

It is vital for us to provide the necessary support to small and medium enterprises, as they are the backbone of the global economy. Thus, our long-term goal is to build a network of partnerships and a system of modules, allowing to choose digital solutions at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world. This is highly beneficial for any kind of business, and will have services provided in a short time at a reasonable price.

We provide digital business cards for institutions such as the National Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, several municipalities, schools and media, as well as for the National Sports Academy, the Sofia Zoo and others.

About us

Boost your business with our 360 digital offering.

At Dexycon, we believe that businesses deserve better digital solutions – highly personalized, efficient, affordable, delivered quickly and without compromising on quality.

We are the first software company to develop a framework for integrated SMB digitalization, including CRM, mobile application, basic ERP, loyalty program and a mobile shop. In the area of client management, we have delivered projects in the wholesale, retail and specialized services sectors such as bars, hotels, beauty centers, gyms, etc.

Our clients are institutions such as the National Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, several municipalities, schools and media, as well as for the National Sports Academy, the Sofia Zoo among others.

Stats and pictures

Enter a fast growing market
Client distribution

Our front seat drivers


Silyana Bojilova



Responsible to make things run smoothly, so we help even more SMBs digitalise and grow.


Tzani Sabev



Passionate to build the most efficient solution for every client.

We work with the best companies


Becoming a partner has many advantages
1What is there for you

Becoming our partner you will have the opportunity to grow your digital portfolio by adding new products, take advantage over the competition as well as retaining customers and winning new ones.

By using our services you may create additional revenue stream by expanding the customer base or increasing the net revenue per current customer.

We also provide individualized customer service via email/phone, offering complete support, fore-sales and sale in all stages of your development.

  1. Have large Business customers database
  2. Have regular contact with the customers base through sales
    department or other active channels

Partner services

Contact us

+359 878 234 427

If you want to become a partner or you need any digital optimisation for your business, please use our contact form to send your enquiry.

    If you need consultation or more information, our use cases or have other questions, please send us a message contact@dexycon.com

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